After-sales Service Case
2020-11-26 15:42:42 | case category


Mr. A from the UK is an old customer who has been cooperating with the company since its establishment. Although the cooperation has been harmonious, we almost lost this precious friend due to misunderstanding at the beginning of the cooperation.

Once after receiving the goods, Mr. A found that there was a problem with the goods. After the sea salt dissolves in the water, there is precipitation. For this reason, the customer is very angry and wants to cancel the cooperation with us. Based on the good cooperation relationship, our company sent a group of professional teams to visit customers and conduct research locally. Later, after careful study and experimentation, it was discovered that the occurrence of precipitation was greatly related to local water quality. Therefore, we re-planned and provided reasonable solutions for the customer’s local water quality problems. Mr. A was very moved. And praised our after-sales service. Many years later, he is still our most loyal customer and friend.



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