Frequently Asked Questions
  • 01 How to recognize the high quality sea salt and inferior sea salt?

    Sea salt quality good or bad From the following several aspects to identify:

    • Firstly, on the appearance. Good sea salt uniform grain appearance、drying、in quicksand shape、no obvious visible impurities.
    • Secondly,detection of soluble salt water velocity:The sea salt soluble in water and RO water, soluble speed fastly, the solution of water insoluble substance and all impurities, no precipitation.

    Sea salt dissolution time mainly depend on the quantity of salt dissolved.

    For example:

    1Kg sea salt dissolved 301 Fresh water, the process of agitation 3-5 minutes completely dissolved as well.

    1 tons sea salt dissolved 30 cubic water in the process of pump agitation 12 hours completely dissolved as well.

    • The third aspect:Testing PH value Good sea salt PH value stability,salinity normal, no phosphate and nitrate.
  • 02 Differences between industry grade sea salt and food grade marine salt.

    Maybe you are not very clear about the industry salt and food grade salt. Here is our explanation to you about the industry grade sea salt and food grade marine salt.

    There are two kinds of synthetic sea salt, one is industry salt. This kind of salt 85% is industry salt and 15% is MgSo4, it only can improve the freshwater’s salinity and can keep the seafood live for about 2-3 days. Industry salt without any natural saltwater trace elements which marine animal absolutely necessary for living. Industry salt could not use to keep saltwater ornamental fish. If use industry salt to keep marine animals, all the marine animals will quickly die in short time since they lack of necessary elements which to keep them be alive.

    The other salt is food grade synthetic sea salt. It primarily contains all kinds of macroelements, microelements and trace elements found in natural sea water, without any nutrient such as N, P, Si, etc., and no other harmful elements to sea creatures such as Os, Be, Tl, etc. Food grade synthetic sea salt is pure and not contaminated, contains no organic contaminants such as surface active agent, organophosphorus pesticide, petroleum hydrocarbon, etc., which always exist in natural inshore sea water. Thus, it is better selected for breeding sea animals for inland environments or places that needs clean seawater.

    Blue Treasure synthetic sea salt series products are food grade salt. All the materials are selected from food grade. Our Salt include coral type sea salt, ornamental fish type sea salt, sea beasts type sea salt and aquaculture type sea salt according to the characteristics of sea animals. Our synthetic seawater is colorless, foamless, deposit less and clear, and has ideal pH buffer capacity and stable pH value.

  • 03 How to build a seawater aquarium tank?

    Now more and more families, began breeding sea fish. They are colorful, be lively and vivid. The aquarium tank can make people happy, and add a vitality to the family. Of course, the establishment of a miniature underwater world is not easy. You need to complete the equipment. The aquarium tank principle is: the bigger the tank, the more manageable.

    (1) Make the fish tank clean first. Places to check put it on a proper place. And at the bottom cushion cylinder or foam board, made the bottom of the tank is steady and firm.

    (2) Put the filter into the bottom of tank.

    (3) Wash the coral sand and make that clean. Put the clean coral sand in the tank about 5-7cm.

    (4) Mix the artificial sea water. Pour the adjust good artificial seawater into the aquarium tank. When pour water up to half, try pump function.

    (5) Installation ornamental. Such as rock, coral, shells can be used as ornamental. If there is a living coral stone is more ideal. Live coral stone refers to a group of corals, sea anemones and sediment. They exist in the reef, occasionally with massive rocks appear on the reef outside. Look at the rock is dead, but at the full of vitality.

    In general, the coral as cylinder decoration. So despite the appearance is clean, holes or keep many microbial debris, once encounter water will decay. So do not clean on the cylinder, make the water smell bad.

  • 04 The mantis shrimp is a pet?

    The mantis shrimp is pet for some people, they think the mantis shrimp is funny to breed. But not everyone agree with it. So let us go to see what is mantis shrimp?

    -They belong to the crustaceans, belonging to the malacostraca.

    -They are distributed in the waters around the world.

    -They are carnivorous, can eat any animal bait.

    -They are hidden.

    -They are different from other shrimp, they naturally strong chela before can be used to do any other shrimp can’t do.

    -They are highly lethal.

    -They like to live alone, unless the cylinder is large enough, or best kept separately.

    -They are not very big, but strength.

    Aquatic animals in the family in, the mantis shrimp is thought to be harmful to the hateful creatures, in order to in addition to, so you will miss the fun of feeding the animals, but its carnivorous and actions but it evolved in order to adapt to the nature and just to survive.

    They are killer, if not destroy them as soon as possible, they can kill and destroy other residents in the cylinder. Indeed, that’s true. When you find them, they might had killed many other residents in the cylinder. If the cleaning is not thorough, it will continue to kill all the inhabitants in your tank.

    Capture and move it must pay attention to safety, and it takes patience, it itself is to test the patience of breeding seawater interest.

  • 05 The importance of seawater fish tank water

    Feeding marine life is the most important of the point is water. Water quality determines the quality of the seawater fish growth. So we know, we must raise the quality of water before breed fish. And why the water is so important? Let us see about it.

    First of all, we need to understand a noun- Nutrients Salt. Nutrient salt is composed of in water nitrate (NO3) phosphate (PO4) organic salts composed of several substances. It comes from feeding food, biological manure, body, water of life itself and some content. It is damaged to the salt water tank by too much nutrient salt. A lot of people because of nutrients salt not well controlled.

    There is an important factor to note, that you add water if they contain plenty of nutrients. If you added it to the tank, then the nutrient salt is higher than before. You can use the RO machine (a professional water purification equipment), pure water or low nutrient salt water. But SPS (stony corals) must use RO or pure water, this is very important.

    In this period, we will try to use the lamp suitable cylinder, let it accelerate the absorption and growth of algae. In order to make rapid algal consumption nutrient, accelerate the water nourishing time.

    In the absence of any added biological conditions, the algae start whitening and yellowing about a month. The nutrient in the water consumption is very low. Then this water is very suitable for breeding.

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