Hand Held Salinity Refractometer HZY030

Hand Held salinity refractometer with dual specific gravity and part per thousand (0/00) scales. Designed specifically for aquariums, this unit is ideal for rapid, accurate salinity determinations. Fully automatic temperature compensation (ATC) over the range of 10°C to 30°C eliminates need for temperature compensation charts. High contrast white on blue for easy readability. Includes soft-side carrying case.

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Hand Salinity refractometer with dual specific gravity and part per thousand (0/00) scales.  Designed specifically for aquariums, this unit is ideal for rapid, accurate salinity determinations. Fully automatic temperature compensation (ATC) over the range of 10°C to 30°C eliminates need for temperature compensation charts. High contrast white on blue for easy readability. Includes soft-side carrying case.


【Directions for use】

Using soft cloth to clean the prism and testing prism, take a few drops of solution, put it on the prism, close the cover plate, escape from bubbles, to make the solution over the surface of prism. Put the instrument into the version of alignment or light department, eyes can observed the field through Eyepiece. Rotate eyepiece to adjust hand wheel. to make the field of view of blue and white points clear.The scale of demarcation line is the density of solution.


【Calibration and correction of temperature】

It must revise Zero before measure.First,take few drops of distilled water,put it on the detection prism,and then screw the bolt of Zero so that make it reach 0%,Second,clean the detection prism to inspection.Some models of instruments have to take place standard liquids of distilled water to revise.


【Notice lists】

The instrument is precision optical instrument. You should pay attention to the following matters when it was used and maintained:

(1) It must be careful and cautious when it was used. in accordance with the use of instruction strictly, can’t loose each connected component of apparatus, can’t drop,collision, can”t happen drastic vibration.

(2) After using it, can”t put it into water for cleaning directly, should use soft cloth to clean. For optical surface,it cannot be bruised and scratched.

(3) The instrument should be set in a dry,non-corrosive gases place to safe keep.

(4) To avoid loss of spare parts of components.


Item code: HZY030

Inner bag packing: 1pc/box;

Outer carton packing: 15 boxes in a carton.

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